Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Media Diet

Steven Soderbergh keeps a list of the movies, TV shows, and literature that he watches and reads. The list was published a few months ago and I became interested in the idea to keep a log of everything that one has viewed in the media. Besides just being a historical curiosity, a list can tell quiet a bit about the owner's interests. For instance, Soderbergh logs quiet a few episodes of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.; that makes sense, because he's planning on making a film adaptation of the TV show. But he also logged in The Social Network 5 times (4 of those being within a month), showing his ability to be interested (and even possibly obsessed) with a particular film.

So, I've started my own list, and now I plan to use this blog to reflect deeper on what I've been watching/reading/participating in. I'll be focusing mainly on films and books that I'm watching/reading, and on musical pieces that I'm working on; but occasionally, I'll talk about television shows, live performance, art, and other topics related to arts and entertainment media. My up-to-date media log will always be accessible in the right column.

I look forward to where this blog could go, and I welcome any suggestions on future posts and discussions on the current ones.

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